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Our Mission?

We integrate Chatbots technology with digital advertising technology to form one of a kind Ad-network that is designed to deliver two-way interaction between brands and audience.

The technology that we are build enables the industry to develop and deliver chatbots based on gamified ad-units.

For publishers and Ad-networks, we offer the option to monetize their inventories while delivering a completely new and innovative experience.

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The Solution

We are creating a new form of Ad network, we call it, Engagement-based Ad-network.

What we do is to unify Chatbots-technology with Advertising -technology to form superb audience engagement which is based on contextual conversation and Gamification.

We build the infrastructure that enables Advertisers and Publishers to engage with their audience in the channels they are most engaged with.

We open the doors for innovation.

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How Does It Work?

Engagement-based Ad-network provides the right channel infrastructure right from the brand’s bot to the Publisher’s Inventory.

Dual conversion
We support dual bot conversion to either the advertiser service chatbot or to the advertiser landing page. Experience shows that bot conversion provides higher audience LTV than mobile apps download campaign.

Engagement framework
We provide our own engagement canvas for advertisers who have not adopted the chatbots engagement technology, to facilitate audience conversation and Gamified engagement.

Media buying and Monetization
We provide advertisers with advance media-buying and audience-targeting interface. We give publishers with direct monetization channel which delivers a unique experience to their audience.

Cost Per Engagement model ensure you pay only for the service you get, in this case: delivery of your brand message.

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Our Bot Framework

Our Bot Framework is designed to connect bot logic to the publisher’s ad units and to deliver a cross-channel brand experience.

Creative canvas
For brands advertisers who do not have an advert-bot of their own, our solution provides creative-canvas that enables them to generate their own unique brand engagement content.

Engagement formats
Our system supports textual, voice and video conversation as well as gamification templates based on CTA cards.

Voice capabilities
Our solution provides voice dialog capability as an alternative to text conversation to augment audience experience.

Our conversation core is design to incrementally improve audience dialog experience using M.L. A.I. (Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence) NLP (Natural Language Processing) core functionality.

Data and insights
Our system conducts robust data analysis by drilling down into the audience engagement journey and engagement attitudes to provide data-driven insights.

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Ad Unit

To deliver engagement-based advertising, we have developed the required infrastructure between the Bot Framework and the publisher’s placement to support MRAID (Mobile Rich Media Ad Definition) formats and VPAID (Video-Player-Ad-Definition) over VAST (Digital Video Ad Serving Template) formats that deliver ads for Display advertising placements as well as video and native advertising placements.

Our bi-directional conversational path is secured to ensure channel privacy.

Reach UI components
We support a variety of HTML-based content to provide a unique gamified conversation, including image and video galleries, CTA (Call to Action) cards and formatted content cards.

Our ad units are capable of dynamically expansion behavior which enables rich contextual-engagement over standard placement with and without overlay layers.

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Ad Format

We support a range of engagement formats that enables brands to deliver rich in-context brand content.

Textual Brand Content
Strike a conversation to deliver brand’s message using augmented textual interface which supports multiple CTA formats.

Gamify Brand content
Invite the audience to experience your brand content in a gamified manner so you can deliver even the most complex or lengthy messages in a non-intrusive pleasant way.

Interactive Audience Content
Let the audience create the content through interactive conversation by allowing in-line talkbacks to be delivered and which can be correlated with your brand experience.

3rd Party Tunneled Content
We believe that brand experience ad format should be designed and developed by brands and advertiser, so we do encourage our customers to develop and innovate on their own, only using our platform as a tunnel to deliver their brand message.

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We are an early stage startup, based in Israel. We offer Ad-network technology for modern publishing and advertising firms. Our platform is cloud-based and provides a global reach for diverse markets.

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