We will be happy to discuss
A bot solutions for you

  • Ad-network
    for chatbots

  • A.I Powered

    Tools to create a customized brand story conversation
    with the audience powered by artificial intelligence to
    provide a more personal engagement experience than any
    other media

  • Data

    Audience intentions are analyzed and tagged in
    real-time enabling post impression programmatic message communication and offline processing to
    drive marketing strategies out of audience discussion


Chatbot advertising today is where video advertising was 10 years ago.
Like video advertising, you need central servers to streamline the content to the end-users and this infrastructure simply doesn’t exist today.
Unlike video advertising, the channel is bi-directional enabling post impression programmatic and real-time big-data analytics.


Like video advertising, we, the technology enablers do not wish to be involved in content production but to be the enablers for the content delivery stream. However, chatbots are a new medium.
We realize that we need to help today’s advertisers to build their communication stack.

Going mobile

People are abandoning desktops in favor of mobiles, messaging is the native mobile medium.
Advertising strategies will follow.


Straightforward, we support performance campaigns.
Whether it is CPM, CPC, CPI or CPA, the advertiser sets the campaign goals.